#03 Arte New Wallcoverings


Decorex 2019

Arte is always striving to impress customers with extraordinary wallcoverings for designers and residential customers alike. The latest Arte wallcoverings were shown at the Decorex 2019 event, and they managed to stand out with their true focus on creativity and quality. The new wallcoverings are huge, they come with outstanding patterns and a plethora of incredible ideas. They really push the boundaries with their new colourful and vibrant accents, all while offering a distinctive set of visuals.


Java & Sumatra


Java & Sumatra are from the Expedition collection, long distance travel and destinations have appealed to our imagination for centuries. Destinations that simulate all our senses and Java calls us to the exuberant botanical design of tropical leaves with the feel of a hand-painted wallcovering.  Printed in vibrant colours on a fil-à-fil woven jute. This design is available with or without a Bengal tiger in the design.  Sumatra brings a lively décor, printed on the silk uni Tasar as a homage to the Silk Road. Pure luxury inspired by open weave silk and applied on a base of precious high-gloss foil.  The warm glow of noble metal shines through the fine mesh of the fabric for a more pronounced and exclusive look.


Velveteen Collection



Intriguing, elegant and luxurious, Velveteen gives your interior the most exclusive touch. The collection has multiple wallcoverings that include Twirl, Tetra, Vector and Ridge. Twirl offers a sense of coziness with the soft velvet making this wallcovering simply irresistible with some incredible, irregular patterns for you to explore. Tetra is more about geometrics with the innovative three-dimensional technology providing depth and pronounced structure to the wall. Vector works well with vibrant interior design and if you require something more suitable for the office, then Ridge and its simplistic vertical lines will work.





Eden is a very distinctive pattern with a paradisiacal jungle motif with stylized plants and tree trunks against a soft background of wood grains that showcases plants in a creative way. The high-gloss foil reflects the light, making it look like as if the sun’s rays are shimmering through the bush, offering some visually impressive colorings for you to explore.  It fits office spaces and even living rooms quite nicely, so it’s extremely versatile and convenient.





A combination of avant-garde textiles and elegant, pleated wallcovering.  With abstract graphic patterns, playful and expressive colours, and a luxurious touch, all inspired by ‘modern painting’. Plex, latin for ‘pleat’, is the timeless variant from the collection, a hint of Italian with a dash of vintage. This contemporary; matte version is made of non-woven that has been irregularly creased with a pleat running vertically. It looks visually stunning, and you have more than a dozen different color variations with a completely random and variance in intensity of the pleat.





Using wood as an authentic, sophisticated and sustainable material as its base for design, Its beauty lies in its simplicity and pure nature.  Grain is a collage of perfect squaqres, combining wood fragments from different parts of the same tree providing a lovely combination of grains and recognizable knots. No two are the same, as they form a random pattern in the inlay which will certainly look fabulous, with a variety of different colours and an incredibly distinctive visual experience for you to explore and enjoy. A natural product that derives its exclusivity from its purness which would make a great feature wall.


Tribu & Civilia 



The Paleo collection gives a glimpse of ‘native America’. The Paleo Indians, the oldest native inhabitants of North America, had a c olourful lifestyle and fascinating culture. The drawings and colour palette in this collection take their inspiration from the way clothes, jewellery and utensils used by this nomadic tribe were decorated. As the name suggests, Tribu has more of a tribal-like pattern with numerous inlays. A combination of rustling imitation raffia and cotton, woven into a stunning motif, it looks stunning, and it allows you to express yourself in a very creative and exciting way. Civilia on the other hand uses random geometric patterns with a linear effect that creates the impression of rectangles lying across each other in layers. There are five colourways to choose from, all showing the unique design based on ‘quillwork’, virtually the oldest form of embroidery.

The new Arte wallcoverings are visually impressive and they are all sharing a great story for you to explore – enjoy the journey!

Image Credit: Arte