#05 Creativity In Challenging Times


More creativity in a creative industry is what is required during challenging times.

Covid-19 pandemic and rumours of a looming recession, possibly a depression will bring a creativeness to our industry that has, during historical recessionary times, been a positive movement.  Yes, minimalism with its calming and simple colours has been a trend during past lean times, but this does not mean the interior design industry needs to be penny-pinching and boring. Minimalism, although economical, cannot be allowed to be the one-stop solution for interior designers.

Now is the time for the creativity within us to stand-out! Adapting, adjusting and being able to work within budgets and timescales is a normal requisite within our sector. However, there will now be the necessity to work harder, to be more resourceful and to use our cleverness to address financial problems and isolation inevitabilities that may now become the norm during this unprecedented time.

Working from home is an obvious change in the way our homes are now being utilised. Lock down has brought the challenge of not only working from home, but in some cases home schooling too, with spacial planning becoming a crucial factor. Many families have had the luxury to spend months at home, giving them the headspace and time to evaluate the four walls that provide their family residence. Emotions will influence and have an impact on interior design during lock down. People have been given the time and opportunity to gain some perspective of their surroundings and how they can enjoy their lives in a simpler environment. Glorious weather has encouraged people to cherish their outside space, to connect with nature and to remind themselves the importance of life itself. We can expect to see an increase in home owners maximizing their outside space with innovative extensions, choosing the economical option of updating and extending their current properties, rather than face the expense of moving home altogether.  Opportunities therefore abound for the interior designer who is willing to be creative, not only in design but in their ability to be malleable, stimulating and financially savvy.

Global events naturally encourage new architectural styles, which direction will the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated problems drive the interior design industry to?